HTC teases new lip-tracking module for Vive VR headsets — a game-changer for VRChat

HTC Vive Cosmos
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The HTC Vive VR headsets may currently be lagging behind the Oculus Quest 2, but it might be bringing new add-ons that could be a game-changer for many VR experiences, especially fans of VRChat and even VR dating.

HTC has teased VR fans with a close-up image of what might be its lip-tracking module add-on for its Vive VR headsets. Now we just need smell-o-vision and we can finally immerse ourselves in the virtual world. 

As spotted on Upload VR, it seems HTC will release its lip-tracking module to all Vive owners soon, as there's even a date on the photo upon closer inspection that states "3/10/21." Whether that means a full reveal on March 10 in the American date format, or a release date for October 3 using the U.K. date format, we're not sure.

One fan on Twitter showed a picture of the lip tracking module attached to the Vive Pro headset. HTC Vive's lip-tracking module was fully shown back in GDC 2019, although it wasn't made available for the general consumer. Essentially, the module hangs below the headset in front of a user's lips, which will then be able to read the movements of lips when speaking (or pulling wacky faces).

HTC Vive has been teasing a number of things on its Twitter page recently, along with a "It's your move" tweet with another close-up image of what seems to be a HTC Vive tracker. Instead of another VR headset release, HTC could be hinting at add-on accessories to better immerse players in VR. Seeing as the HTC Vive is considerably a lot pricier than its VR headset competition (although fitted with great specs), releasing add-ons could be a better option for those who already own a HTC Vive.

There's no doubt VR headset competition is heating up, with Apple rumoured to launch its own VR headset in 2022, while Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 is set to get a major 120Hz upgrade very soon.

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