How to watch Pokémon Presents 2023

Pokémon Day
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You may be wondering, "How do I watch Pokémon Presents 2023?" We've got the scoop! Pokémon Day lands on Feb. 27 this year and alongside it will come a new Pokémon Presents. The announcement promises 20 minutes of "exciting news," so if you're a fan of the franchise, be sure not to miss it. 

The reveal video on Twitter showcases a yellow TV with Pikachu's signature ears poking out from the top before it turns on and shows "Pokémon Day 2023." There are no hints I noticed in this short video, so we're pretty in the dark on what might show up.

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But going based on previous events of this kind, we're expecting Pokémon Presents to give us some news on new Pokémon titles launching this year. After all, The Pokémon Company rarely lets a year go by without launching a new game. 

2019 had Sword and Shield, 2020 had Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, 2021 had Snap and Brilliant Diamond, and 2022 had Arceus and Scarlet/Violet. Beyond full games, we're also anticipating the reveal of some Scarlet/Violet DLC.

How to watch Pokémon Presents

Pokémon Presents begins on Feb. 27 at 6am PST / 9am EST / 2pm GMT and can be watched on official Pokémon YouTube channel. We're not sure what will be shown, but we are expecting a 20-minute presentation. And who knows? Maybe we'll finally see what's going on with Pokémon Sleep.

We're hoping to see news on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC and potentially the reveal of some surprise titles. It wouldn't be shocking if we received a new remaster in the vein of Brilliant Diamond, although I'm curious what other small-scale titles the company can churn up. Perhaps a sequel to Arceus will get a big cinematic trailer to show off that it's in development.

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