Halo Infinite could get delayed until 2022 and lack Xbox One support

Halo Infinite could get delayed until 2022 and no longer feature Xbox One support
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According to a Microsoft insider, Halo Infinite could get delayed until 2022 and no longer feature Xbox One support. If the report is accurate, it could launch exclusively on the Xbox Series X and PC. 

The leak comes from the infamous Resetera forums via a user named 'sponger,' who claims that Halo Infinite is currently reshaping itself for the Xbox Series X (via Tom's Guide).

Here's what we know.

Will Halo Infinite get delayed to 2022?

"I was considering a lot to post it or not, but after [a] few consultations with few different sources I'll put it; Microsoft/343i is currently very busy with idea of dropping Xbox One support for Halo Infinite," the claimed insider said. "Even [the] idea to postpone it to early 2022 is on the table. It's pretty messy up there with decisions but they are convinced that they need to make [the] best Halo game ever."

Resetera user sponger did previously leak accurate information about Avowed, but this is still a pretty bold claim, and even if Xbox is talking about this, it doesn't mean these plans are set in motion.

The most recent delay pushed the game back to 2021, and that was to ensure that Xbox didn't have to split the game into two-part because one half was presumably unfinished. 

However, for the 2021 push, we don't imagine a wild increase in graphical fidelity. If anything, we imagine that game will simply look more polished. However, if the game does get delayed to 2022, then we could expect a major overhaul of what we've currently seen.

In one way or another, the vision for Halo Infinite has shifted for better or worse. Hopefully, these delays will allow Halo Infinite to flourish, but this would shelve Xbox Series X's biggest title for several years, which doesn't look great for Xbox but is excellent news for the PS5.

This reporter says screw console wars. I'll still buy the Xbox Series X on day one as I will the PS5, because why not both?

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