Get a FREE 27-inch UHD 4K monitor when you pre-order these LG Gram laptops

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Stylish, lightweight, and backed by powerful 13th Gen Intel processors — the new LG Gram range of laptops are set to be some of the best devices on the market if you’re looking for a machine that can really take care of business. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or back and forth between the two, LG’s lightweight and ultra-portable Gram laptops are ideal candidates for a daily driver.

Not entirely sold? As an added bonus, if you preorder select LG Gram laptops before April 11 you’ll also receive a 27-inch, UHD 4K, VESA DisplayHDR 400 monitor worth £399 for no additional cost. This one-stop deal is perfect for those looking to turn a work-from-home nook into a fully realized workstation.

LG Gram 17 laptop & 27'' UHD 4K Monitor: £2,349.96 £1,949.98@

LG Gram 17 laptop & 27'' UHD 4K Monitor: £2,349.96 £1,949.98@
Save £399.98 on this LG Gram 17 (model 17ZRD7AA27) and UHD 4K monitor (27UP850NW) bundle by pre-ordering today. Backed by a performance-tuned 13th Gen Intel Core processor and 16GB of dedicated memory, the LG Gram 17 is primed to be one of the best business laptops you can get your hands on.

While the sizable 17-inch, WQXGA (2560 x 1600) IPS display of the Gram 17 affords plenty of screen real estate, you can make sure every app has room to breathe with an additional 27-inch, 4K, flicker-safe monitor at no extra cost.

The LG Gram 17 is a fantastic, lightweight desktop replacement option that pairs portability and performance to great effect. Preorders for the Gram 17 also include a free 27-inch 4K, UHD (3840 x 2160, 16:9, 60Hz) monitor to maximize your screen space and boost your productivity further.

Enjoy the performance of Intel's solid 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1360P CPU, Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16GB of RAM, and a sizable 2TB of NVMe SSD storage. Flesh your workstation out further with USB-A 3.2 support for legacy devices and USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support. Feast your eyes on the Gram 17's gorgeous 17-inch WQXGA (2560 x 1600) IPS display, and still maintain that all-important portability with a weight of less than 3 pounds.

This deal doesn't simply net you a desktop replacement in the Gram 17, by preordering you can save yourself £399 and gain a complete desktop solution thanks to the included 27-inch monitor.

LG Gram Style laptop & 27'' UHD 4K Monitor: £2,799.97 £2,351.98@

LG Gram Style laptop & 27'' UHD 4K Monitor: £2,799.97 £2,351.98@
The LG Gram Style is a 16-inch laptop with a killer look and feel thanks to its stunning pearlescent design, hidden haptic touchpad, and dazzling OLED display. It's not all about looks though as the Gram Style is backed up by a powerful 13th Gen Intel Core CPU and 16GB of dedicated memory.

Place your preorder for the Gram Style laptop before April 11 and gain a free 27-inch 4K UHD monitor at no additional cost - a saving of £399.98. While this monitor isn't OLED, it does feature VESA DisplayHDR 400 for solid color accuracy and luminance along with anti-glare and flicker-safe provisions to ensure comfortable use over time.

Style by name, style by nature; the LG Gram Style is a design dream with its pearlescent looks. hidden haptic touchpad, and a mesmerizing OLED display. Enjoy deeper blacks, fuller viewing angles, and a 1,000,000:1 contrast rate on the LG Gram Style's stunning 16-inch, WQXGA+ (3200 x 2000, 16:10) screen.

Pre-ordering before April 11 can augment that visual experience further by bundling a 27-inch 4K UHD monitor at no extra cost. Split your tasks across multiple screens and improve your workflow ten-fold with this package while saving yourself £399.

The Gram Style's premium quality isn't surface-deep either, as it's also equipped with an Intel Core i7-1360P processor, 16 GB of RAM, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, and 1TB of NVMe SSD storage to boot.

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