Gateway returns with a herd of laptops — and we're 'udderly' shocked!

Gateway PCs
(Image credit: Walmart)

Gateway PCs are making a comeback and I can't help but feel nostalgic. My very first PC as a 90's kid was big ol' Gateway clunker that came out of a cow-patterned box. Decades later, the laptop maker wants its competitors to "moo-ve over" 'cause Gateway has plans to take over the market (via Engadget),

Gateway's new herd of devices features convertibles, tablets and laptops at different price points, and they're exclusively available at Walmart.

Gateway's ultra-slim laptops

One of the most eye-catching laptops from Gateway's new herd of devices is the ultra-slim line-up, which has a $179 to $499 price range. The ultra-slim series features laptops with lightweight and compact form factors. Gateway boasts that its ultra-slim series has great speakers tuned by THX Audio.


The $179 Gateway laptop (Image credit: Walmart)

The $179 entry-level, ultra-slim laptop comes with an AMD A4-9120E APU with Radeon R3 Graphics, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of eMMC storage and a 11.6-inch, 1080p display. It is 0.7 inches thin.


The $499 ultra-slim laptop (Image credit: Walmart)

The $500 laptop, the priciest configuration in Gateway's ultra-slim portfolio, features a 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU, 16GB of memory, a 256GB SSD and a 15.6-inch, 1080p display. It is 0.8 inches thin. This ultra-slim laptop also features a Windows Hello fingerprint scanner.

Gateway's creator series laptops

Gateway has its eyes set on all the content creators out there with two new laptops that will set you back $1,000 on the high-end and $800 on the low-end. The laptop maker calls these laptops "powerhouses" that can offer an enhanced 3D audio experience and decent performance.


Gateway creator series laptops (Image credit: Walmart)

The $799 creator series laptop features a 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10300H CPU, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 with 8GB of VRAM, 8GB of memory, a 256GB SSD and a 15.6-inch, 1080p display. This laptop is 0.8 inches thin and comes with one-month of Xbox Games Pass for PC.


Gateway's new 2-in-1 laptop (Image credit: Walmart)

For 2-in-1 fans, Gateway has one convertible among its new herd of devices that only costs $200. It features an Intel Celeron N3350 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of eMMC storage and an 11.6-inch, 1080p display. This convertible also comes with a one-year subscription of Microsoft 365. It is 0.7 inches thin.

Gateway's tablets

Gateway's newest tablets are lightweight and target on-the-go, busy bees who need a mobile companion for their commute and travels. The laptop maker hasn't listed a price for its new duo of tablets and I can't find them via Walmart's search engine, but there are two configurations: an 8-inch tablet and a 10.1-inch tablet.

Gateway tablets

The 8-inch Gateway tablet (Image credit: Walmart)

The 8-inch Gateway tablet features an Android 10 Go Edition OS, a quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a USB-C port. It also has a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera.

The 10.1-inch Gateway tablet sports all the above specs except for its larger display.

A quick look at the specs of Gateway's new portfolio tells me that all these devices are best for cash-strapped students and professionals who need a laptop for web browsing and typing up reports. We can't wait to get some Gateway review units in so we can test how well these laptops and tablets stand up to its competitors.

Gateway's making some big moo-ves! We love to see it.

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