Fortnite now has video chat — but not everyone will get it

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Fortnite has a brand spankin' new video-chat feature, thanks to Epic Games' 2019 acquisition of Houseparty — a fun app that facilitates videoconferencing with multiple friends at once (via CNET).

The Fortnite video-chat feature is currently available on PC, PS4 and PS5, but Xbox, Switch and mobile players will have to sit this one out as the Houseparty integration does not service those three platforms.

Fornite's Houseparty integration brings hot new video-chat feature to gamers

When Epic Games purchased Houseparty last year, CEO Tim Sweeney said the acquisition would help to facilitate "more fun, shared experiences than what could be achieved alone."

A year later, Sweeney's words are materializing into reality. Fortnite now features a Houseparty-based video-chat option to boost real-time social interactions via face-to-face virtual communication. 

Fornite with video chat

Fornite with video chat (Image credit: Epic Games)

"Whether you’re enjoying the latest in-game event or chasing an elusive Victory Royale, the new integration with the Houseparty app brings revolutionary video chat technology so that you can video chat with friends while playing Fortnite," Epic Games said in a press release.

How to use Houseparty video chat on Fortnite

In order to take advantage of the new video chat feature on Fortnite, you'll need to download Houseparty on iOS or Android and link the app to your Fortnite account. Here's how to do it:

1. Open the Houseparty app on Android or iOS and connect to Fortnite via Settings or the TV icon.

2. Join your friends like you normally would or invite them to join you.

3. Open Fortnite on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or PC and ensure that your mobile device is positioned to fully frame your face.

4. Continue talking to your friends while you play.

Epic Games added that all video-chat participants will be given a Fortnite-themed virtual background so that only gamers' faces are shown to other players.

Houseparty was a fortuitous purchase for Epic Games. With a pandemic-affected world, many scrambled to seek a virtual avenue to connect with friends and family during quarantine, and Houseparty provided a solution to alleviate social isolation.

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