Final Fantasy X-3 plot is written and collecting dust — What we know about this possible sequel

Final Fantasy X-3's plot is written and collecting dust — it might happen if you make a lot of noise
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There are many Final Fantasy games currently in production, but according to Tetsuya Nomura, game director and artist at Square Enix, the company has been sleeping on the plot of Final Fantasy X-3, the sequel to Final Fantasy X and X-2.

This info was revealed in an interview between Nomura, Motomu Toriyama (Final Fantasy 10 director) and Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. The original interview was translated by RPG Site.

Final Fantasy X-3: What we know so far

“If we are to make 10-3, we somehow have a synopsis written by [Final Fantasy 10 writer Kazushige Nojima],” Nomura said. "It's sleeping right now, but the plot itself does exist."

Both Nomura and Toriyama are interested in making another game, but Toriyama mentioned that while "the probability is not zero, we are not in a phase where we can talk about it, unless we have finished producing FF7 Remake."

Between the two likely FF7 Remake games slated to launch as well as Final Fantasy 16, it's unlikely that we'll Final Fantasy X-3 anytime soon. We also know that things move along a lot faster if there is fan interest so hopefully this news sparks some hype.

If you're interested in playing Final Fantasy X-3 but haven't touched Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, now is the time especially since you can play with Xbox Game Pass. There are at least over 100 hours of gameplay between the two entries, so you better get a jump start on it now.

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