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Chromebooks are getting dedicated docking stations — a game-changer for Chrome OS

HYPER Chromebook docking station
(Image credit: HYPER)

Google announces a new line of docking stations for its Works With Chromebook program, and the upcoming devices have been specifically designed to "pair perfectly" with Chrome OS.

The tech giant has teamed up with a number of notable brands, including Acer, Targus, Hyper, Belkin,, and more to deliver the new docking stations, which are set to roll out over the next few months.

Docking stations are used to transform a laptop into a desktop replacement, making these dedicated Chromebook peripherals a game-changer for Chrome OS devices.

While Google's announcement doesn't specifically state when we can expect the new line docking stations, we do get a sneak peek at the impressive 14-port HyperDrive USB-C Docking Station for Chromebook — and it boasts some nifty features.

Most notably, it will be able to support up to triple 4K 30Hz video output (or dual 4K at 60Hz), along with three USB-A ports with 10Gbps transfer speeds and dual USB-C 10Gbps ports. That's a big step up from what many of the best docking stations on the market today can deliver.

That's not all, as it will also boast 85W USB-C power delivery to a user's Chromebook. Hyper's upcoming docking station is expected to launch in August 2021, along with a more travel-friendly 5-port USB-C hub.

As Google's post states, the docks will be able to run automatic firmware updates alongside automatic Chrome OS software updates, too. That said, while the peripherals have been made for Chromebooks, they will also work just as well with Windows and macOS devices.

You'll find many docking stations and USB-C hubs already work with Chromebooks, so it will be interesting to see how the Works With Chromebook program's line of docks and hubs stand out from the rest.