Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha: How to get free access on PS5 and PS4

Call of Duty Vanguard
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Call of Duty: Vanguard is set to launch on November 5, and before the beta offers a taste of Sledgehammer Games' next entry this September to those who pre-ordered, PS5 and PS4 owners can check out the new multiplayer game mode, Champion Hill.

Kicking off from August 27 to August 29, the limited-time Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha will be available to all PS5 and PS4 players. Make sure you have extra space on your console to download the alpha, which may be a nuisance to owners in need to increase storage space on their PS5

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According to the PlayStation.Blog post, PS players can check out a new 2v2 and 3v3 Gunfight mode known as Champion Hill. This includes close-quarters, small-squad combat in which eight teams compete in a series of head-to-head matchups where the last team standing wins.

Everyone starts with the same loadout but can purchase upgrades in "Buy Rounds" to gain the upper hand and eliminate the enemy squad to get cash to buy even more upgrades. This includes weapons, equipment, perks, and killstreaks.

Champion Hill is made up of four maps, including a central "Buy Station Area" where players go once they get gunned down; acting as a spectator platform. There are also four combat arenas, including "Airstrip", "Trainyard", "Market", and "Courtyard." For those that have a PS4 or PS5 (if you're still searching for the latter, check out our PS5 UK stock watch), find out how to access the alpha below. 

How to access the Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha 

The Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha is going live on Friday, August 27 at 10am PT / 6pm BST / 1pm EST until Sunday, August 29 at the same time. Better yet, players can preload the alpha today from 3am PT / 11am BST / 6am EST. 

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Those who already have Call of Duty: Warzone, Modern Warfare, or Black Ops Cold War installed can access the Vanguard alpha in the main menu. The option in the menu, which will be available on the far left of the main menu screen, will redirect you to the download page in the PlayStation Store. Once the alpha goes live, the option will also let you jump in and start playing.

You don't need a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play online, either. According to the blog post, however, PS4 and PS5 owners in Germany will need a subscription due to the game's age rating.

Activision reduced the file size of both Modern Warfare and Warzone earlier this year, so fingers crossed Vanguard doesn't take up too much room. For those who don't get the chance to check out the alpha this weekend, you won't have to wait long for the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta coming up this September. 

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