Battlefield 2042 Portal revealed at EA Play 2021

Battlefield 2042
(Image credit: EA)

Battlefield 2042: Portal was revealed at EA Play Live 2021. It's intended to be a community-driven experience where players can create their own gamemodes and change the rules freely. This is essentially the equivalent of  a custom games mode

Maps like Caspian Border and El Alamein Noshahr Canal, Battle of the Bulge and more will also be returning in Battlefield 2042: Portal.

Players can even mess with an advanced logic editor to freely modify the experience. An example shown is a gamemode where one side of players use knives and the other side uses defibrillators.

There's even an example involving an infected game-mode, which brings me back to the days of Halo 3. We also received footage of a few of the examples, like something called Robotman, which involved many tiny robots against a giant tank. Battlefield 2042: Portal will be available with the game at launch

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