Asus ROG Ally price just leaked — the Steam Deck is in deep trouble

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We love the Asus ROG Ally, but one burning question can make or break its success: how much will it cost? Well, thanks to a recent leak, we have an answer to that question that is sure to put the Steam Deck in deep peril.

In the Ally announcement, the word on price was a guarantee it would be “less than $1,000,” which had us managing expectations at up to $900. So imagine our shock to see that the higher end model with AMD Z1 Extreme chip will cost just $699!

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Steam Deck vs Asus ROG Ally: Price and specs
SpecValve Steam DeckAsus ROG Ally
Price$649$699 (leaked)
CPUCustom AMD APU up to 3.5GHz"AMD Z1 Extreme up to 5GHz
GraphicsRDNA 2 (1.6 Teraflops)Radeon Navi3 Graphics (8.6 Teraflops)
Storage512GB PCIe Gen 3512GB SSD
Display7-inch 1280 x 800-pixel (60Hz)7-inch 1920 x 1080-pixel (120Hz)
OSSteamOS (Linux)Windows 11

The Steam Deck killer

Let’s just take a second to compare that price to Valve’s current pricing — I say “current” because if this is true, I’m confident this will force the company’s hand to reduce that retail price to compete.

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For $649, you can pick up a 512GB Steam Deck. Of course, you get the faster M.2 SSD storage, anti-glare etched glass, a free carrying case, and some Steam profile goodies for that additional cost.

Meanwhile, for $50 more, you can snag the ROG Ally that also comes with 512GB of storage, and a whole lot more horsepower under the hood. Let’s draw up a table to show you what you get for that additional money.

I don’t know about you, but that looks like the best fifty extra bucks you could spend when it comes to a portable gaming machine. 


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Uh oh. Asus came to play, and the Steam Deck has some serious competition. Not only in terms of superior hardware specs, but a mightily enticing price that would make this an insanely easy decision to make.

In the ROG Ally, you’re getting a system that is up to twice as powerful as the Steam Deck, with a display that is 2x smoother, and thanks to Windows 11, you’re not just limited to playing your Steam library.

And you get all of that at just $50 more… Yea, Valve needs to work hard on bringing the Steam Deck 2 to market sooner rather than later.

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