Apple Watch 7 images show off its potential new design

Apple Watch 7 renders created by PhoneArena
(Image credit: PhoneArena)

The Apple Watch 7 or Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to arrive alongside the iPhone 13 in September, and we've seen plenty of leaks on the watch's new design and anticipated feature updates.

Photos of alleged clones leaked recently. But a new set of renders created by PhoneArena based on the existing leaks offers some of the best looks yet at Apple's upcoming wearables (via 9to5Mac). 

The most notable change for the Apple Watch 7 is the shift to the flat-edge design that harkens back to the iPhone 4 and has permeated much of Apple's lineup over the last year, including the iPhone 12, iPad Air, and iMac. 

PhoneArena notes that the squared-off design helps to create the appearance of smaller bezels. That effect is exaggerated further by the slightly larger displays anticipated with the move to 41mm and 45mm cases, up from 40mm and 44mm. These are the first renders that we've seen following the emergence of that rumor from Majin Bu.

Apple Watch 7 renders created by PhoneArena

(Image credit: PhoneArena)

It's possible that Apple has reduced the size of the bezels as well. Some earlier leaks from Jon Prosser indicated that Apple had prototypes with varied bezel sizes. It remains unclear whether the final design reflects that size reduction or the optical illusion based on the other changes. 

The rest of the hardware remains largely unchanged, but the combination of the size and display increase with the slimmer flat-edged chassis will dramatically change the look of the Apple Watch 7. This will only be the second design change for the Apple Watch, and while the 2018 update was a more significant size increase, this should have more of a visual impact.

We don't have much longer to wait and see as Apple's event for the Apple Watch 7 and iPhone 13 should be coming in mid-to-late September. 

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