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Apple Pencil 3 leaked photo shows redesigned tip

Apple Pencil rumors
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple last released a redesigned Apple Pencil in 2018, which featured a new matte finish and a handful of other improvements. We've been expecting some improvements to the Pencil for some time now, and it appears our wishes could soon come true. 

Apple leaker MrWhite recently tweeted a photo of what may be the upcoming third-generation Apple Pencil. It's hard to see from the photo if there have been any major design changes. You will notice that it has a glossy finish instead of the matte finish on the Apple Pencil 2. 

The second thing we noticed is the tip seems a bit larger and the body looks longer, which could mean a hardware change and an upgrade in capabilities. With Apple moving to Mini LED displays, it would make sense for Apple to redesign the Pencil.

Rumor has it that Apple will be unveiling a new iPad Pro at an upcoming event this March, so it could be possible that a new Apple Pencil is announced to go along with it. What improvements or refinements could have Apple come up with is the burning question we hope to have the answers to soon.