Apex Legends: Emergence Season 10 shown off at EA Play Live 2021

Apex Legends Emergence
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends: Emergence, which is the game's 10th season, received more footage at EA Play Live 2021. It was introduced at the show with an epic cinematic trailer, showcasing our favorite legends battling. Additionally, the game’s newest legend, Seer, seemed to be the star of this cinematic. 

Seer can track multiple enemy’s locations for long periods of time. Players will be encouraged to play stealthily when dealing with Seer, as he can track footsteps. We also got to see one of his finishers, which involved sending his nanobots to execute his enemy. Seer will be playable starting August 3rd.

We also heard a vague hint that Apex Legends would be getting more maps in the future, along with additional secrets that have yet to be revealed. Xbox and PlayStation players can also play with PC gamers on a new ranked Arena mode. The World’s Edge map is also being updated, and Seer will receive another trailer on Monday. 

Momo Tabari
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