Anthem might get killed by EA this week before we even see Anthem 2.0

Anthem might get killed by EA this week before we even see Anthem 2.0
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It's been awhile since we've heard anything about Anthem 2.0, the second coming of the game that was supposed to overhaul everything about the gameplay, but now it seems that its fate hangs in the balance. 

According to a Bloomberg report, Electronic Arts Inc. will have a meeting this week to discuss the fate of Anthem 2.0 and whether or not the company should continue to pour resources into it.

What's going to happen to Anthem 2.0?

For those that aren't caught up to speed, Anthem had a disastrous launch that didn't live up to the hype that was showcased in its trailers. 

In the span of two years since its launch, a team of roughly 30 people have been dedicated to bringing the game back to life with all new gameplay mechanics. However, according to "people familiar with the project," the team will need triple that amount to churn out new content for the game.

Apparently, it comes down to EA's decision this week on whether or not it wants to dedicate more time and resources to Anthem 2.0. According to Bloomberg, EA said the company doesn’t comment on "rumor and speculation."

Hopefully Anthem 2.0 doesn't get squashed, because a lot of people would love to see what that game looks like with a real overhaul. The team has already gotten this far, EA might as well let them go all the way.

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