Alleged PS5 photo shows the console in the wild (and it's massive)

PS5 console revealed
(Image credit: Sony)

The internet was quick to determine the size of the PS5 after Sony revealed the console at its big games event earlier this month. Using the disk slot and USB as a reference, they revealed that the PS5 is the largest console of the last few generations, dwarfing the original PS3. There's no way around it, Sony's box is massive.

That said, a newly leaked photo of an alleged employee holding the PS5 at a Sony factory shows what the console looks like in the wild. As TechRadar reports, the photo started in Discord threads and was shared on the Resetera forum. 

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We don't know anything about the image, like where it was taken, at which stage of production this PS5 was at, or if this is even the final design of the console. We also don't know the height of the folks in this photo so it's hard to scale the PS5. 

We're not entirely convinced by this leak, so take it with a grain of salt. If it is real, this photo should give you an idea of the PS5's large footprint. You can see that the box starts at the man's chest and covers his entire torso and stomach, suggesting it's as big as we feared. 

There are some obvious differences between the console in the photo and the one Sony revealed, which suggests this is a prototype, if real at all. So it's possible the PS5 will be smaller than what this shows.

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