PS5 might be massive: How it compares with Xbox Series X, past consoles

(Image credit: Sony)

As it turns out, the PS5 might be freaking huge. Someone on Twitter Photoshopped the previous Xbox and PlayStation consoles side-by-side to compare how large the PS5 is with the rest, including the Xbox Series X.

Thank Twitter user @milkand2sugars_ for the mock-up below, revealing that the PS5 could be the biggest console PlayStation has ever made.

How the PS5 stacks up

@milkand2sugars_ used the size of the USB ports and disc drives to approximate the size of each console. During the initial reveal, the PS5 looked incredibly sleek and relatively small compared with the Xbox Series X, but this image contradicts that.

I was incredibly concerned that the Xbox Series X might have an edge in performance because the console looked huge and has a giant fan strapped to the top. However, since the PS5 is even bigger, and likely has a bunch of fans tucked away, it might get some good airflow.

The previous PlayStation consoles sounded like nuclear reactors when they would run any mildly intensive game, so Sony hopefully fixed that problem with this new design.

In an interview with CNET, Sony's PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said, "We wanted to do something that was bold and daring almost. We wanted something forward-facing and future-facing, something for the 2020s."

I honestly thought the Xbox Series X would give me troubles when finding a place for it to fit, but the PS5 appears to one-up the Xbox Series X in literally every way, even size.

Rami Tabari

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