M3 MacBook Pro or MacBook Faux? Leaked image divides online opinion

Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch M2 Pro
(Image credit: Future)

We’re inching ever closer to Apple’s surprise October event, one that could likely showcase some “Scary Fast” M3 Apple Silicon refreshes to its MacBook Pro and iMac lineup. However, as is the case with any event of this magnitude, leaks are springing up left and right — no matter how tight-lipped Apple intends to be.

One of the latest pertains to a recently surfaced image purportedly showcasing one of the new MacBook Pro models expected to feature at this month’s event.

Leaked MacBook image: Engagement trick or early Halloween treat? 

The image in question, a photo of the new MacBook candidate taken from a product box shared by Twitter/X tipster ShrimpApplePro, appears to be the real deal. It certainly looks like what you’d expect a MacBook Pro to look like anyway. Which is to be expected seeing as analysts don’t expect a new MacBook Pro design to make an appearance until 2025.

However, the image does showcase a new monochrome wallpaper instead of Apple’s traditionally colorful picks, likely done to showcase the MacBook’s typically vibrant and vivid displays. It also leans heavily on the recently revealed “Scary Fast” October event design, almost too much so, which is causing some to believe it may be a faked image.

Adding to the confusion all the more is one user’s brightness and contrast-enhanced version of the image which appears to show that the MacBook’s screen features a Dynamic Island – similar to iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 models.

While a MacBook with a Dynamic Island has been an on-again-off-again rumor for some time, it makes even less sense for Apple to add this feature to their upcoming MacBooks only to not prominently display it on all of its promotional images (including box art). Instead, the notch appears hidden against the black backdrop, only discoverable after tweaking the original image.

Furthermore, Apple’s own patents indicate a shift away from notches entirely, with a future focus on under-display sensors. However, that technology could be some ways off, or even shelved indefinitely. Giving previous reports of a MacBook Dynamic Island more time to develop into an actual feature.


But does any of this really matter? In a way, not really. Not only are the photos on Apple’s product packaging renders, we aren’t expecting much of a drastic design change to the MacBook for another two years. We could show you an image of an M2 MacBook Pro and tell you it’s the M3 variant and you’d likely be none the wiser.

While Apple’s upcoming event is reportedly set to feature a new MacBook Pro, the only thing truly expected to change is the device’s processor, making the leap to Apple’s latest M3 silicon chipset.

However, should the leaked image prove to be true and the enhanced version genuinely exposes Apple’s plans to include a Dynamic Island on its next wave of MacBooks, then this is pretty big information indeed. Sadly, how much we can trust this image, is another thing entirely.

The jury is out on this one, and it’s up to Apple to give us the full scoop when the “Scary Fast” event takes place later this month on Oct. 30.

Rael Hornby
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