Apple’s M3 MacBook Pro release date just leaked ahead of ‘Scary Fast’ event

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2022 battery life
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Apple abruptly unveiled its plans to host an end-of-October event titled "Scary Fast," with us expecting to feast our eyes on new MacBook and iMac models in the coming week. And, while we were initially surprised by the lack of rumors revolving around this coming showcase, it seems Apple is simply incapable of escaping leaks.

MacRumors has received information suggesting that the new Mac models will launch on Wednesday, November 8. This means it will come a little over a week after the company's "Scary Fast" event on October 30.

Apple's M3 MacBook Pro is launching soon

While MacRumors can seemingly confirm the release date of the latest Mac models, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted a couple of days ago that he believes the focus of the event will be the M3 series MacBook Pro. Alongside this, we previously wrote about an alternative leak that suggested we'll be seeing an Apple M3 iMac this Monday.

Effectively, the "Scary Fast" event is focusing on the company's all-new M3 models, which explains the emphasis on speed within its title. Whether or not the event is to include additional hardware beyond an iMac and MacBook Pro is yet to be seen, as a majority of the leaks revolve around only those two. We could see a 13-inch, 14-inch, or 16-inch MacBook Pro, but we're not entirely sure.

MacRumors also makes a claim suggesting that the M3 will feature graphical capabilities that can perform hardware ray tracing. Since the iPhone 15 Pro introduced such a feature with the A17 Pro chip, we expect MacBooks will likely follow suit also. After all, it'd be amusing if the iPhone had ray tracing but a new MacBook didn't.

Otherwise, we're excited to watch the Mac event on Oct. 30 and to get our first look at these "Scary Fast" machines, Be sure to check out our how to watch page to learn all you need to know about catching the event!

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