Apple's road map for the next three years was just leaked — here are the highlights

Apple Roadmap Leaked
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Apple is no stranger to leaks, with anything from the smallest details to major announcements being thrust into the public space before the company's planned reveals have come to light. Over the weekend, we've seen another massive leak that details Apple's entire road map.

Twitter user @Tech_Reve posted an image showcasing the company's full road map up until 2027, citing Samsung Securities as the source.

It's important to keep in mind that the validity of this leak is up in the air, with the possibility of false information or Apple's plans having changed drastically since the information was collected. That being said, here are the most exciting things to look forward to in the Apple road map.

Highlights of the leaked Apple road map

We won't be focusing too much on the road map's 2023 and 2024 coverage, which includes OLED iPad models with 8GB of DRAM and periscope zoom for Pro and Pro Max iPhone models. Instead, we're looking towards the future.

While it's no surprise, according to the leak, an OLED MacBook is set to launch in 2026, which is something industry analysts were already predicting for a while. There's also the expectation of a foldable iPhone by 2026, which has also been rumored as of late.

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Otherwise, an iPhone SE4 is expected in 2025 with a 6.1-inch OLED screen, 12GB of DRAM, and a triple 48MP camera. 2026 is also bringing a "low-end" extended reality device, alongside bringing OLED to the Air and Mini iPad products.

While all of this seems within expectation for the most part, 2027 is when things get a little interesting, with the expectation for augmented reality glasses and a 20-inch foldable iPad.

There's no saying whether or not any of this is truly accurate, especially since Apple has the occasional plan fall through the floor. At the very least, the company's focus is pushing OLED displays into every one of its product lines, eventually working its way up to microLED according to previous rumors.

While microLED hasn't found its place in the market quite yet, it would be incredible to see how Apple could enhance display quality and battery life through the technology.

Otherwise, we're expecting to see some information regarding these leaks (assuming they're true) at this year's WWDC conference, which often takes place in June. If the OLED iPad rumor with periscope zoom is authentic, it'll likely be revealed then.

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