How to watch Hellraiser online: Where to stream, release date, plot and trailer

How to watch Hellraiser online: Where to stream, release date, plot and trailer
(Image credit: Hulu)

Hellraiser is one of the most iconic horror franchises of the last 35 years, so like everything else from the 80s it’s time to redo it. The new Hellraiser reimagines the franchise entirely, choosing to do away with 10 sequels worth of messy plot baggage for a more accessible, modernized story. So whether you’re a longtime fan or just joining the series for the first time, read on for our guide on how to watch Hellraiser online.

With director David Bruckner at the helm, Hellraiser’s new direction hopes to be more welcoming to newcomers to the franchise, while at the same time remaining delightfully appealing to everyone familiar with it. Early reviews praise the film for its unique twists on the formula, and its portrayal of fan-favorite characters long familiar to the franchise. 

Inspired by Clive Barker’s novel The Hellbound Heart, Hellraiser is essentially a tale about the universe’s most dangerous fidget cube. Should it fall into the wrong hands, this seemingly innocent puzzle box can act as a bridge to a world beyond ours. To a world full of unimaginable horrors... And even creepier, unimaginable pleasures. How far into this world we travel, or how much of it spills out into ours remains to be seen, but if there’s a movie-shaped hole in your Halloween schedule you’ve just found a great way to fill it.

Hellraiser official trailer

How to watch Hellraiser online in the US

Hellraiser debuts exclusively on Hulu as part of the streaming platform’s “Huluween” celebrations on Friday, Oct. 7, 2022. Hulu’s frightening festivities will continue throughout the month of October with the platform showcasing a range of horror-themed content including the all-new American Horror Story: NYC, British horror film Matriarch, and menacing meme movie Grimcutty.

If Hulu follows its regular release pattern, horror fans can expect to check out this reimagining of 1987’s cult-classic and Clive Barker’s original novel from midnight PT and 3 a.m. ET.


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How to watch Hellraiser online in Australia

Hellraiser makes its way to Australia a few weeks after its U.S. premiere via Paramount+ on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022. Making its way onto Paramount+’s seasonal “Peak Screaming” portal, Hellraiser will be available for Halloween screenings alongside other new releases like the eerie Significant Other, and kid-friendly Monster High: The Movie.

There’s currently no confirmed release time for Hellraiser in Australia. While new content generally premieres at the same time as it does in the U.S. (usually meaning 7 p.m. AET), Hellraiser’s delayed release could see the film available as early as midnight AET.


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How to watch Hellraiser online in Canada and the UK

There’s no official word on when Hellraiser will be available to stream in the U.K. and Canada. However, when it is, it’s likely to find a home on the regular pipeline of Hulu content outside of the U.S., Disney+. With the streaming giant currently hosting its third annual “Hallowstream” celebration, it’s a safe bet Disney will be looking to bring Hellraiser to the platform before the month is out.


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How to watch Hellraiser online: Where to stream, release date, plot and trailer

(Image credit: Hulu)

What is the plot of Hellraiser?

Both The Hellbound Heart novel and its 1987 film adaptation Hellraiser center around a mysterious puzzle box and the people that seek or stumble upon it. The box, known as the Lament Configuration, is the key to opening a schism to the Hell-like realm of the Cenobites — extradimensional beings who torture and torment their victims under the false promise of fulfilling their every desire.

While the Hellraiser franchise spawned 10 films, 21 stories, and dozens of comics, the series’ popularity waned as its lore became more and more convoluted. Hulu’s Hellraiser is a reimagining of the franchise, starting over with a fresh perspective on Clive Barker’s original vision.

The upcoming reboot sees Riley, a young woman struggling with addiction, come into possession of the enigmatic Lament Configuration. Suspecting the box is connected to her brother’s disappearance Riley seeks to unlock its secrets, unaware of its purpose and its ability to summon the supernatural Cenobites.

Who stars in Hellraiser?

Previously, no film in the Hellraiser franchise seemed complete without the casting of Doug Bradley as the extradimensional being referred to by fans as “Pinhead.” Although his appearance lasted for mere minutes in the original Hellraiser film, his portrayal of the Cenobite leader stole the show and catapulted the character to becoming a figurehead of the horror genre. However, fans have had to adjust to a Bradley-less franchise since 2018s Hellraiser: Judgement, when Paul T. Taylor took on the mantle of the fearsome Hell Priest.

This time around neither Bradley nor Taylor will reprise their role as “Pinhead,” with the character instead being portrayed by Sense8 actress Jamie Clayton. While some have critisized the casting, seeing it as a needless gender swap, the decision was seemingly made (at least in part) to avoid being lost in the shadow of Bradley’s iconic portrayal. Clayton’s casting allows for an entirely new take on the character, faithful to the source material but with plenty of room to make the role her own.

How to watch Hellraiser online: Where to stream, release date, plot and trailer

(Image credit: Hulu)

Other cast members include Odessa A’zion (Fam, Grand Army), Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why), Adam Faison (Everything’s Gonna Be OK), and Outer Banks’ Drew Starkey.

Odessa A’zion as Riley: a struggling, unreliable drug addict who is drawn to the Lament Configuration after the disappearance of her brother, Matt.

Jamie Clayton as “The Priest”/”Pinhead”: the leader of the extradimensional Cenobites

Adam Faison as Colin: a voice of reason and close friend to Riley after her interaction with the Lament Configuration lets loose a supernatural threat.

Drew Starkey as Trevor: a shady art handler and boyfriend to Riley who first exposes her to the ancient puzzle box.

Brandon Flynn as Matt: the brother and moral compass of Riley whose disappearance sparks a chain of events that leads to the Cenobite's arrival.

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