How to download macOS 13 Ventura beta

Apple MacBook Pro 2021 (14-inch)
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During the recent WWDC22 event, Apple spent a majority of its time-sharing the upcoming macOS13 Ventura with the world (maybe because the MacBook Pro M2 is a bit of a disappointment?). Not only did we get an intimate initiation into what to expect with Ventura, but we also got to see gratuitous video footage of Craig Federighi running and flipping his silvery locks like a middle-aged action hero, which had nothing to do with the new OS but was highly entertaining (watch out Tom Cruise). Although we were a little disappointed by what wasn't announced at WWDC22 (where is our mixed reality headset?), we are excited to get an early dive into macOS 13. 

If you're an excitable Apple devotee and can't wait for the fully formed version of Apple's latest macOS you can now download the beta version via Apple's Developer program and get a feel for it. Mind you the full version won't be ready till September so it is bound to be a bit buggy but, also keep in mind, that you could take the time to develop an app or two and make some serious money. Most likely it will be a little unstable so I would suggest not downloading onto your main Mac or MacBook and possibly using an older one you may have laying around. 

The compatible Mac products are as follows:  iMac: 2017, Mac Pro: 2013, iMac Pro: All models, Mac mini: 2018, MacBook Air: 2018, MacBook: 2017, and, the MacBook Pro: 2017 or later. So if you have one of these sitting on a shelf or laying on the floor in a closet, this could be a fun use for it. 

To sign up and download macOS 13, you must do as I mentioned above, join the Apple developers program, and pay $99 to gain access to the beta. Once you've handled that bit, you can move on to the official Apple developers page in your Safari web browser, sign in with your Apple ID (if you haven't already done so), and head on to the page, which, will open in a new tab. 

You will then see the beta software Apple is offering, which includes macOS Ventura, and from there, all you have to do is select download, and you're off to the races. When you install, choose Apple > System Preferences > Software Update, then the beta will pop up; hit the install button, and your journey is over. In a few moments, you will be frolicking within macOS13 Ventura beta, and again I remind you not to expect perfection, as it will have many issues for you to contend with happily. Still, we are sure Apple will iron out all the kinks when it is ready for a full release to the public. Well, have it, friends, have fun, and maybe develop an app and make that cash. 


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