Be mine! Save $50 on the outstanding Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones for Valentine's Day

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If you've been looking for a good pair of headphones recently, you know that Bose is one of the best brands to consider. And lucky for you, the Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones are only $379 at Amazon right now—that's $50 in savings!

While $50 might not seem like a huge discount, it is when you consider the QuietComfort Ultra headphones just released at the beginning of October last year. These headphones have received high praise from reviewers for their excellent ANC tech, immersive and high-quality sound experience, and up-to-24-hour battery life.

Whether you buy these headphones as a treat for yourself on Valentine's Day or you gift them to someone you love, this is a deal you won't want to miss.

Today's best Bose QuietComfort Ultra deal

Bose QuietComfort Ultra: $429 $379 @ Amazon

Bose QuietComfort Ultra: $429 $379 @ Amazon
At $50 off, the new Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones just matched its all-time low price from Black Friday.

Features: 35mm drivers that deliver immersive, spatial audio, Quiet and Full ANC immersion modes, Aware mode to let some sounds in, Bluetooth 5.3 with a 30-foot range, and a long-lasting, fast-charging battery (up to 24 hours of battery life, 15-minute charge gives 2 hours of use)

Release date: Oct. 3, 2023

Price check: $379 @ Best Buy | $379 @ B&H

Reviews: The Bose QuietComfort Ultra headphones are praised by reviewers for their immersive sound quality, top-notch ANC performance, stellar battery life, and intuitive controls.

T3: ★★★★★ | PC Mag: ★★★★½ | Tom's Guide: ★★★★½

Buy it if: You wear headphones a lot, and you want a premium experience with immersive, rich soundscapes and excellent ANC technology. Or, if you want headphones with a super long battery life.

Don't buy it if: You don't care to pay the premium for high-quality sound. The QuietComfort Ultras are a fantastic investment, but only if you'll wear them often and appreciate their sound quality. If you're looking for a slightly cheaper pair of headphones, check out the Bose QuietComfort headphones instead.