Meta Quest 3 price, release date, and specs leaked right before Meta Connect

Meta Quest 3

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We've known since June that the Meta Quest 3 would release in fall 2023, but we didn't have specifics on its price, release date, or specs. When Meta announced its newest VR headset, the company said more information would be available at the Meta Connect event on September 27 — which we'll be covering live — but a few leaks have revealed details ahead of schedule. 

According to an X user (@Lunayian), the Meta Quest 3 has a suggested release date of October 10, only weeks after it's announced at Meta Connect. Along with this release date, there's a rumored price of $649 for the 512GB model, about 30% more expensive than the 128GB model for $499 that we already knew about. Then, a leak from a Redditor (@JMS1717) revealed a slew of Quest 3 specs we haven't seen before.

Leaked details about the Meta Quest 3

Based on Meta's announcement earlier this year, we expected the Meta Quest 3 to launch on September 27 at the Connect event. Now, we have a potential release date of October 10, thanks to an X user (@Lunayian) who received info from an anonymous source at GameStop.

The tweet includes a photo with a note of "Available 10.10.23. Pre-order now" below the Meta Quest 3 title. Next to this screenshot, there's another screenshot of two SKUs for the Meta Quest 3 with prices of $499.99 and $649.99. 

The 128GB model is confirmed to be $499.99, and a spec sheet leak from earlier this year suggests that the $649.99 model may feature 512GB of storage. The most recent spec sheet leak comes from a Redditor (@JMS1717) who received an official spec sheet during retail training from Meta. 

spec sheet meta quest 3

(Image credit: @JMS1717)

This spec sheet doesn't confirm the 512GB model, but it does say there will be "128GB storage with additional available for those who want it." The retail training sheet also confirms the Meta Quest 3 will feature a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, full-color mixed reality passthrough, and (sadly) 8GB of RAM instead of the 12GB of RAM found in the Meta Quest Pro.

We'll have concrete details following the Meta Connect event on September 27 at 1PM ET. If you're interested in tomorrow's Meta Connect event, be sure to check out our live blog post for a roundup of the most important details as they're revealed.