Meta Quest 3 Lite reportedly shown off in leaked images of cheaper VR headset

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Meta's Quest 3 VR headset is already one of the most affordable options for diving into PCVR and stand-alone social and gaming experiences, however the Metaverse makers are reportedly seeking to bring an even more budget-friendly option to market in the Meta Quest 3 Lite.

Not only is this new headset suggested to make virtual reality even more accessible with its reduced price tag, but, thanks to one VR tech tipster, we may also have gotten our first look at it as supposed renders of device leaked online over the weekend.

Meta Quest 3 Lite: Leaked render shows cheaper VR-focused alternative

Twitter/X user VR Panda was to credit for surfacing the image, replying to another post from late week where the leaker seemed to add weight to the rumored name for Meta's latest headset by simply posting "Quest 3 lite" subtly suggested there was news to come. And, if the image shared by Panda VR is indeed legit, then news there was.

Judging by the leaked render, the Quest 3 Lite will sport a similar look to the Meta Quest 3, albeit a slightly chunkier rendition. The top strap of the headset appears to sport a similar split at the back, aiding comfort and support. And, the overall shape of the Lite version matches the Quest 3's rounded aesthetic.

Where it differs is in sensors, with this model seemingly lacking any full color passthrough RGB cameras, effectively ruling out the same level of mixed reality as its sibling.

Mixed reality was a key selling point of the Quest 3 when it launched in October 2023, and Meta itself has suggested that the feature could be a mainstay for Quest products after the Quest 3.

However, it's likely that the Quest 3 Lite could be marketed towards those solely seeking a VR experience, offering those users a pathway to upgrade from the massively successful Meta Quest 2 headset, without having to pay extra for mixed reality features that don't interest them.

That being said, the image is by no means guaranteed to be legitimate. Leaks like this will always have the potential to be false or outdated. For sure-fire word on the Meta Quest 3 Lite, we're likely to hear more during one of the company's official events, the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase (likely to be held in June) or Meta Connect (possibly taking place in September).

Until then, we'll be keeping our ear close to the ground and bringing you all the news of Meta's latest headset as it arrives.

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