Smite 2: Alpha release date, Legacy Gems, roster and more

Smite 2
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With millions of players at its back, the popular MOBA Smite was bound to get a sequel. Naturally, it’s been dubbed Smite 2. We’ve already got a relatively long list of confirmed details thanks to the PlayStation Blog.

If it wasn’t already obvious, Smite 2 is going to find its way onto the PS5. But that’s not the only thing we know so far — we even have a full-blown reveal trailer. We’re about to throw all the details at you, but keep in mind that we still don’t know everything.

But here’s everything that we do know so far about Smite 2, from the Alpha release date and Legacy Gems to the roster and more.

Smite 2 release date

We’re happy to report that the Smite 2 Alpha playtests will start later this year, and you can already register for the playtests at

There isn’t yet any word on the official release date, but it’ll more than likely depend on how the Alpha goes. In the meantime, you can wishlist Smite 2 on PS5, Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games.

Smite 2 Legacy Gems, Divine Legacy and more

People who have been playing Smite for this long have accrued a ton of hours and spent a bunch of money. What happens to all of that? Well, Titan Forge Games has a solution in mind.

Smite 2

(Image credit: Titan Forge Games)

Every single gem that you’ve spent will find its way into Smite 2 through the Legacy Gems system. You can use those specific gems to pay for up to 50% of new purchases — that includes skins, battle passes, and events.

There’s also the Divine Legacy system, which will launch in the original Smite on Jan. 23. This’ll let you unlock rewards that’ll port over to Smite 2. The best part is that this system is retroactive, so could, in theory, unlock most of the rewards on day one. Rewards include Unreal 5 versions of classic skins and a free unlimited Tier 5 skin of your choosing.

Any achievements you unlock in Smite 1 will also transfer over to Smite 2 as a series of badges.

Smite 2 roster

Seemingly, all the gods that were playable in the previous game will appear in Smite 2 — especially if Titan Forge Games is serious about its promise to keep player progression intact across the two games.

However, that doesn’t mean we won’t get new gods. So stay tuned for any official announcements on that front.

Smite 2 trailer and gameplay

Okay, now let's jump into the gameplay and that hyped-up trailer we got.

To go over all confirmed changes, Titan Forge Games boast new camera movements, body movements, and animations for each ability, from basic attacks to ultimates. We also get a shiny new UI. And PS5 players will be happy to know that haptic feedback was implemented for the DualSense controller.

The devs have also completely changed how you build out your gods. You’re no longer limited by physical or magical items, so you can purchase items with Strength or Intelligence to suit your own playstyle. Items also have a new function as well, called an Active Ability. It was previously called Relics, but now they’re tied to items. For example, if you want the Blink ability, you can buy a Blinking Amulet.

Newer players will benefit from Smite 2’s auto-builder, so you don’t have to worry about customizing your gear. Apparently, doing so will result in fewer buttons to worry about in-game — though I’m not sure if that’s better or worse for your effectiveness in combat.

Smite 2

(Image credit: Titan Forge Games)

The Conquest map also features a new element. With the new interact button, you can sneak around objectives by opening a backdoor to a building. There are new team powers accessible by completing jungle objectives, new stealth grass, siege minion waves, and an “evolving jungle” (whatever that means).

The reveal trailer showed off pre-alpha footage, but Smite 2 still looked pretty slick overall. It’s clear that Unreal Engine 5 is doing the work, and even the new UI and animations make the combat look cleaner. We’ll see if it plays as smooth when the Alpha launches.

What happens to Smite 1?

Titan Forge Games is positioning Smite 2 as a true sequel. That means that Smite 1 will still be available for people to experience on previous-gen consoles. It isn’t going anywhere soon. But it doesn’t sound like Smite 2 will find its way on last gen consoles either.


Smite is a huge MOBA phenomenon that has earned its way to the top through the many years it's been available. With Smite 2 launching relatively soon, fans are rabid about what comes next for the major live service game.

We’re excited to see where the game goes when Alpha comes around. For news, rumors, and updates on everything Smite 2 related, and all things tech, follow Laptop Mag on Twitter, Facebook, and Flipboard for the latest word as it arrives.

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