How to save in God of War Valhalla

God of War Valhalla
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As soon as the workday was over, I hopped on God of War Ragnarök to start the new Valhalla DLC. I played for hours, but unfortunately as an adult I have other responsibilities, like a one-year old daughter (love you). I'm in the middle of a run; how in the helheim do I save?

This is actually one of the first things that the game teaches you, but I completely understand if you blew past the tutorials, especially if you're already used to rougelike systems and how God of War Ragnarök functions.

Here's how to save in God of War Valhalla.

How to save in God of War Valhalla

Step 1. Okay, there's no official "save" mechanic. If you die, you die — sorry, folks, that's just how roguelikes are. However, if you need to quit the game while you're in the middle of a run, there is a Suspend mechanic. First things first, get yourself to a Tablet of Endeavor. Those are the tablets in between challenge rooms where you buy temporary upgrades.

Step 2. While you're in the Tablet of Endeavor menu, there should be a prompt in the corner that displays the Square button for Suspend. This'll save your progress and boot you back to the main menu of God of War Ragnarök.

Step 3. God of War Valhalla does autosave when you're on the shore, so don't worry about quitting the game at that point, even if it does warn you.

It's as easy as that — naturally, there are no multiple save file situations going on in Valhalla. Whenever you want to hop back into your game, whether it's on the shore or in the middle of a run, just click the Valhalla prompt in the main menu. 

Good luck, I am rooting for you!

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