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Xbox Series X official logo gets trademarked — and it looks badass

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Details about the Xbox Series X are trickling in as the wait for a full reveal continues. The newest teaser is what appears to be the official logo for the gen-next console. 

Discovered in a trademark listing by eagle-eyed Reddit users, the logo consists of "Series" spelled out vertically next to a larger X with sharp corners and gaps in the forward-slash where it would meet the backslash. It's a stylish font similar to what is used on the Xbox One X packaging. 

(Image credit: Justia )

Filed on April 16, the trademark applies to just about every product category you could think of, from software and hardware to kites, plushies and school bags. Heck, it even covers suspenders, fanny packs and beer mugs. Why? So Microsoft (and only Microsoft) can use the logo to sell merchandise tied to the Xbox Series X brand. 

Reading through the Reddit thread reveals that most people are happy with how the logo looks. Many users praise it for its simplicity, "I like it. It's mean. It's sharp. It's clean. It describes the next-gen Xbox perfectly," one user wrote. 

Microsoft has yet to announce a more budget-friendly console but we'll be on the lookout for an Xbox Series S logo. The companion console to the Series X is rumored to be unveiled sometime next month as a cheaper ($300) alternative to the flagship model.