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The PS5 should come in black! Onyx-colored mock-ups wow fans

Black PS5
(Image credit: Sony)

"Will the PS5 come in black?" my co-worker Nick Bush wondered. He couldn't imagine a "distracting," mostly-white monstrosity sticking out like a sore thumb in his gaming room. As it turns out, Bush is not alone.

Fans have been salivating over designs that reimagine the PS5 as an onyx-colored beauty. And honestly, we don't blame them -- these design concepts are gorgeous.

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Twitter user MrUnknowArtist, a graphics designer, is not a fan of white consoles, so he took it upon himself to create a black PS5. The design he conceptualized electrified Twitter with admirers; many hoped that Sony would hear their cries and materialize MrUnknowArtist's mock-up into reality.

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"This is better," Rhys Jackson said on Twitter. "Why do they think I want their machine to draw visual attention in my living room? That’s what fancy coffee tables and fake plants are for, Sony, HECK OFF!" 

Twitter user MeVen concurred: "MUCH better! Who told Sony that we want a white, shiny, reflective tower near our TVs?"

Another UK-based creative, known as Pixelpar on Twitter, also created his own onyx-colored version of the PS5. 

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With this front-facing perspective, we love how the PS5's wings is giving this concept a badass Batman vibe. 

But of course, not everyone is on-board with an all-black console. The PS5 has been sporting an obsidian coating since 2000 with Playstation 2. Some gaming fans believe it's time for a change.

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Chances are, Sony will release another PS5 console with a different color to appease gaming fans with minimalist tastes. 

The gaming giant released a glacier-white PS4 in 2017 as another option (besides the jet-black model). So if you're crossing your fingers for an all-black model, there's a good chance that Sony will meet your obsidian-adoring needs.