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PS5 DualSense could kill passwords by learning how you hold your controller

(Image credit: PlayStation)

Sony published a patent that details how the PS5 DualSense controller could identify users based on how they hold the controller.

According to the patent, Sony wants to eliminate the awkwardness of entering private passwords on their PlayStation by configuring the DualSense to automatically detect players and their PlayStation accounts.

PS5 DualSense detecting users: How does it work

The patent describes the technology as: "A system for identifying a user of a controller includes a controller having one or more sensors configured to detect interaction with the controller by the user and a transmitter configured to transmit telemetry data based on outputs of one or more of the sensors." 

It continues, "providing a method and an apparatus for determining an identity of a user holding a handheld controller."

I admit it's a neat feature to immediately detect a user and sign them in without having to input a password. However, what are the sensors detecting exactly? The force of your hand against the controller? Or your fingerprints?

And is this based on how you pick up your controller? Or do you have to hold it for a few seconds in a natural position? The patent isn't very clear about how the technology will function. 

We imagine we'll learn more about this feature, if it does ever get added to the controller, closer to the PS5's launch.

H/T DualShockers