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PS5 could get Sunset Overdrive — Sony registers a trademark for the Xbox exclusive

Sunset Overdrive
(Image credit: Insomniac)

Sunset Overdrive fans are getting hyped this morning after it was discovered that Sony registered a trademark for the previously Xbox-exclusive, so it's possible the game might show up on PS5.

The trademark appears to have been registered in late April, but was recently spotted by Nibel on Twitter. To be clear, this doesn't confirm anything per se, but it's interesting to note, and it's possible something might come of it.

The fate of Sunset Overdrive

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Although Sunset Overdrive was exclusive to Xbox and PC, Insomniac technically owns the IP, so it's possible that we see more from the IP whether it's in the form of a port or a sequel.

Unfortunately, Sunset Overdrive didn't do so well when it initially launched on Xbox One, but that also could have easily been because the Xbox One wasn't selling well at the time.

With Sony at the helm, it's possible Sunset Overdrive might have the fanbase it needs to thrive, especially since Spider-Man has already done so well for Insomniac.

At the very least, we might see a port to the PS5 that'll test the waters for Sony to see if the game is even worth exploring, but don't hold onto hope too hard. The registered trademark could've easily been something the company had to re-up on. If you've never played Sunset Overdrive before, I highly recommend it. You can find it on Xbox Game Pass on PC and Console.