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Microsoft Teams to start auto-recording all your meetings — did we ask for this?

Microsoft Teams Update Record
(Image credit: Microsoft Teams)

Have you ever forgotten what was said in one of your Microsoft Teams meetings? Not taken notes of important exchanges? Well, Microsoft has your back as it will soon record all your Team Meetings automatically. This is great; however, wouldn't you prefer if this were optional? 

The new feature will be rolling out for macOS and Windows platforms shortly and will bring Teams on par with rival Zoom, which has always had the record option available to users. Microsoft admitted to have been working on the feature for a while now via its UserVoice forum. It stated, " currently working on this request," and that they would be soon sharing when it will be available to users. 

Once the update goes into effect, those who attend your meeting will get a prompt stating that the meeting will be recorded and that it will be made available for download for all in attendance after it is over. This is great, but what if you do not wish to be recorded? Will Microsoft include an option to opt-out of the recording? With privacy being a concern for some, I wonder what the privacy protocols will be, if any? 

Microsoft has yet to provide a release date for the new feature, but they normally release new features at the start of any given month. Microsoft appears to be adding several new features to help Teams attendees easily maintain a record of their meetings and to be able to cross-reference recordings against live transcriptions from users Teams Meetings. 

All attendees of your meetings will get a recap of the meeting and a copy of the transcript. All files shared during the meeting will also be available to those who attended the meetings. 

Using the excuse, "I forgot," will be harder to get away with, that's for sure.