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New iMac with Apple Silicon could flaunt huge display: What we know

Apple M1 iMac
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple is working on its largest iMac yet according to a tweet by well-known leaker @L0vetodream. The iMac Pro 27-inch is currently the largest unit in the iMac lineup, but it would make sense for Apple to go bigger as it gets ready to roll out iMacs powered by the new Apple Silicon. 

How much bigger is unknown, but several rumors have been going around claiming the iMac is being redesigned, which is welcomed news as the current style has been with us for a while now. With a rumored Apple event coming this month,  many are excited as we could see a new iMac as well as the long-rumored iPad Pro 2021 refresh. 

Another rumor claims Apple may bring different color options to the iMac and possibly discontinue the 21.5-inch models to go a 24-inch iMac instead. Apple may make an iMac similar in size to the Pro Display XDR or even go with a curved display. 

We have yet to receive any official invites but we should know more later in the month at the rumored upcoming Apple event. Who knows, maybe Apple will come out with a 34-inch iMac with a curved Mini LED display powered by Apple Silicon. At this point, with all the rumors swirling around, anything is possible.