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Get $15 off Backbone One: The best iPhone gaming controller just got cheaper for Black Friday

Backbone One
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My partner watches a lot of Gilmore Girls, which isn’t really my cup of tea. In these situations, Backbone One saves the day, and now it can save yours from boring TV with this Black Friday deal.

Right now, you can get $15 off the Backbone One and get three free months of Xbox Game Pass (worth $45) — all for just $84.99.

Backbone One: was $99.99 now $84.99 @ Backbone

Backbone One: was $99.99 now $84.99 @ Backbone
The Backbone One is the best iOS gaming controller I’ve used — essentially transforming your iPhone into the Nintendo Switch you always wanted with tactile buttons and great-feeling analog sticks. Right now, get $15 off and enjoy three free months of Xbox Game Pass for cloud gaming.

Why am I recommending this? Well, read my Backbone One review and you’ll find out. The sleek, comfortable design has a great hand feel, lightning and 3.5mm headphone jack passthrough ensures you can keep this powered and listen to in-game audio with zero latency issues, and the companion app is one of the best in the mobile gaming business.

All of your gaming services are centralized into one UI across Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation Remote Play, Apple Arcade and so more. Plus, Backbone has added its own social features into the service such as screenshots, recording and even live streaming.

This essentially transforms your iPhone into one of the most feature-complete portable gaming systems out there and it's well worth the money at this price.

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