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Apple Glasses reach the next development phase: Here’s what we know

Apple Glasses
(Image credit: Apple)

DigiTimes reported this week that Apple Glasses have reached a new phase in the development process and are moving to a second phase in which the focus will be on battery life and weight. 

After the second phase is completed, Apple will enter the third stage with an actual prototype focused on the physical design of the glasses. Upon completion of the prototype phase, it will go through 6 to 9 months of testing and a verification process. 

Gurman also reported that Apple's glasses would overlay information such as text messages and maps in front of the wearer's eyes and that users will be able to control the glasses with Siri. He further reported that the glasses are unlikely to be available until sometime in 2023. 

Apple reportedly is involved with several VR/AR projects that would also include a headset. There will reportedly be an AR or VR headset announced sometime in 2021 so it would appear that the headset will be released before the glasses.