You Can File Your Taxes for Free on TurboTax for Android over the Weekend

At tonight's Intuit Innovation Gallery Walk in New York City, the software company behind popular tax preparation app TurboTax had a highly useful announcement for attendees (and their respective audiences): If you own an Android tablet or Kindle Fire and download the TurboTax app between this Friday (March 30) and Sunday (April 1st), you'll be able to file your taxes on the app at absolutely no cost — as long as you start your taxes before Monday.

Normally, TurboTax lets you download the app for free, then charges you TurboTax charges $30 for federal tax return filing and an additional $37 for state tax filing. But since the company is still promoting the launch of their Android tablet and the Kindle Fire versions, they've generously waived the fee on these platforms, just for this weekend.

In case you'd forgotten, TurboTax is a tax prep app that holds your hand throughout the entire process of filing step by tedious step. Over various screens, it asks you questions about your lifestyle and history in the past year, then pre-populates the fields on your tax forms to help you get that maximum refund. TurboTax works with both federal and state taxes.

There's one caveat for those eagerly waiting to pounce on this offer, though: In order to take advantage of this particular promotion, you can only use either an Android tablet or a Kindle Fire — Android handset owners are out of luck this time. Still, it's a convenient option for those who have waited this long to fulfill their duty to the IRS. Who says procrastinating never pays off?