The Wildest Laptop Ever Now Comes in New Colors

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Lenovo just announced new color options for the Windows-based Yoga Book 2-in-1, adding Ruby Red and Pearl White options to the convertible PC. Due in September, these new designs will cost the same $549 that the the existing Carbon Black model does.

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These new options give the PC version of the Yoga Book the same amount of choice that the $499 Android Yoga Book has offered, as that version comes in Carbon Black, Champagne Gold and Gunmetal Grey.

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While we loved the Yoga Books for their super thin and light frames, impressive screens and excellent stylus experiences, they're a little ahead of their time. Our biggest problem with both the Windows and Android versions is that their flat keyboards make it difficult to type, especially for touch-typists.

Still, these new colors make the sleek 2-in-1 an even more alluring package for those who love to use styluses with their computers. These new coats of paint combined with the notebooks' fancy-looking watch-band hinges make for head-turning packages.

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While Lenovo told us last year that it planned to release a Chrome OS-based Yoga Book in 2017, we've haven't seen any signs of that third version of the convertible yet.

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Credit: Lenovo

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