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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Game to Invade iPhone, iPad This Summer

iDevice owners, prepare to be invaded. Game developers Firaxis and 2K Games have announced that the critically acclaimed title "XCOM: Enemy Unknown" will be landing on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sometime this summer.

Unlike other titles ported to mobile that leave out key features, iOS owners will be getting their hands on a full port of the award-winning strategy title.  Gamers will be tasked with protecting the world from a hostile alien force as the head of XCOM, a secret government organization where they will train soldiers, research alien tech and plan combat strategies from the base.

For a game that was originally made for consoles, XCOM's turn-based strategy is well-suited to the touchscreen controls on mobile devices. Using a mix of base management, combat strategy and resource allocation, players will have to make some hard decisions. Assisting certain countries will award different rewards and resources. Do you help China for its rich mineral deposits or the U.S. for access to better alien-fighting technology? XCOM is also one of the few games on the market that has permadeath, which means that badass soldier you trained from a wet-behind-the-ear rookie is always in danger of dying and taking all their weapons and expertise with them to the grave.

No word on pricing for this triple-A title, but as a premium game, we expect to be paying more than the average $0.99.