Tiny Magnet Brings Wireless Charging to the iPhone

Many Android smartphones come with wireless charging ability. However, Apple has so far avoided adding this functionality to the iPhone. Users can add a clunky case or other attachment so they can use wireless chargers. However, China-based startup HEVO LABS is hoping Kickstarter can help them simplify and miniaturize an add-on to make things seamless.

HEVO designed a Lightning-compatible microadaptor, which magnetically connects to the iPhone 5s charging port just like the MagSafe connector on a MacBook. The adapter is compatible with a variety of wireless charging devices. Among those devices are the Cabin portable battery case, the Cabin charging dock and the Magadaptor that plugs into the Lightning charging cord also from HEVO. The Cabin case also has the same magnetic connectors, which makes it compatible with the Magadaptor and charging dock.

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The 2200mAh Cabin portable battery is slim compared to most batteries and offers up to 130 percent additional battery life. The charging stand can also sync the iPhone if connected to a computer. The magnet will keep the phone in its case, and makes it easy to shift between devices. 

Cabin's Kickstarter currently offers the opportunity to preorder the three devices. Backers can preorder the microadaptor and Magadaptor for $25. Users can add a dock at the $59 level, or a portable battery at $99. The first 200 to preorder the whole package will pay $135. Any other preorders will cost$145. HEVO expects to release the first orders by November 2014. Cabin seems expensive when compared to wireless charger kits like the Duracell Powermat, but the number of accessories seems to make up for it. 

While the iPhone 6 is rumored to have wireless charging abilities, the current iPhone 5s or 5c doesn't. Would wireless charging be a reason to swap from Android?