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Windows 10's November Update: What's Changing?

Get ready for Cortana to remind you that you're about to miss that 7 p.m. showing of Spectre now that the first major update to Windows 10 has arrived, a little more than three months after Microsoft's latest OS was released into the wild.

A blog post by Windows and Devices Group executive vice president Terry Myerson gives a rundown of what in this November update , but to save you some time, here are the major bullet points for what’s new in build 1511.

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Performance: Microsoft says overall performance has been improved in Windows 10, especially boot times which the company claims should now be 30 percent faster than the same system running Windows 7.

Cortana: Microsoft’s digital assistant is getting upgraded that allows her to keep track of events and movie showings and send you reminders so you know when to leave and how to get there on time. Cortana can even call you an Uber if you want.

For users with a device featuring stylus support (like a Surface Pro 4), you can now jot down a information in Cortana’s Notebook so that later she can recognize a phone number, email, or physical address when you want to set a reminder.

Additionally, Cortana is now available in Japan, Australia, Canada and India (in English), with experiences and information tailored for each country.

General Improvements: Microsoft claims that many of its apps including Mail, Calendar, Photos, Groove, Xbox Store, OneNote, and Solitaire have been enhanced or improved.

IT: For wide scale management of Windows 10, Microsoft is introducing two new free services: Windows Update for Business and Windows Store for Business. These services aim to give IT managers more flexibility in controlling updates, security,and  apps across an entire fleet of systems.

Microsoft has also introduced two new features for IT managers to help increase general ease of use and security: Mobile Device Management and Azure Active Directory Join. The first allows better management of Windows 10 across a range of devices including tablets, phones and IOT devices, while the latter is a directory that allows users to have a single logon and the ability to securely view and change data and settings across all of their Windows 10 devices.

Today also marks the release of  Windows 10 for the Xbox One, and while there was no mention of a specific release date for Windows 10 on phones, Myerson said it should be coming to select devices soon.