Skip to main content Unveils ' foto.shosho' Camera Accessory for iPhone

When is an iPhone not an iPhone? When it's transformed into a 14-megapixel "genius-phone" capable of taking better photos than Apple's stock shooter can provide. Musician launched his new foto.sosho accessory for the iPhone in London today, which he says can "turn your iPhone into a fashionable camera."

There are actually four separate versions of the iam+ foto.sosho available, each sporting a completely different look, differing capabilities and price tags starting at £199, which is roughly $320 USD by today's exchange rate. (The "V.4" model shown above costs £299.)

Your iPhone slips into the accessory, which sports its own slide-out physical keyboard, Britain's Daily Telegraph reports. The foto.sosho also comes with four interchangeable lenses: standard, fish-eye, wide, and a zoom lens. The dock brings custom software to the table, including Instagram-esque filters, photo editing capabilities, and the ability to share photos online, presumably to's new website.

Only the more advanced V.5 and C.5 models sport a discrete flash and the dedicated sensor that adds 14-megapixel capabilities, MacRumors reports. They won't be released until sometime next year. The C.4 and V.4 models being released in Britain on December 6th use the iPhone's built-in camera. There's no word on U.S. availability.

Adding better photo-shooting capabilities and a fresh look to the iPhone is enticing, but even with a physical keyboard, is it $320 worth of enticing? You also have to wonder how much heft the dock will add to the slim and trim iPhone 5.  Head over to the musician's website for a sneak peek at mock-ups of the various models.

Images via Daily Telegraph and MacRumors