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WikiPad 3D Gaming Tablet Teams With Gaikai for Cloud-based Gaming

As mobile games become more sophisticated, gamers are still waiting with bated breath for a gaming-centric tablet. According to The Verge, WikiPad, a company which debuted the WikiPad 3D gaming tablet at CES, has partnered with OnLive competitor Gaikai. The recently announced collaboration means that this mystery tablet, touted as the "world's first gaming tablet," will have cloud gaming if and when it is ever released.

The WikiPad 3D, which runs on Android 4.0, has undergone a few changes since CES. The newly redesigned tablet has been upgraded from an 8-inch display to a generous 10.1 inches with 1080p.  It will also swap out the single-core processor for an undisclosed quad-core CPU. The tablet will also gain Wi-Fi and 3G data capability and feature a USB 2.0 port, miniHDMI and microSD.  Since it's in the name, it's a pretty safe bet that the tablet will feature some sort of 3D capability.

No word on when and where this tablet will make its debut, but hopefully WikiPad will clear up the mystery soon.