Where to Buy the White MacBook

Apple's retired its entry-level White MacBook, released in 2006 and which was at one time the top-selling laptop of any brand, and replaced it with the new MacBook Air. Need more proof? The original URL for the White MacBook (opens in new tab) redirects to Apple's MacBook Air page.

But for anyone still looking for this old favorite, whether out of nostalgia or a stubborn resistance to change, here are a few places still selling.

  • Apple's (opens in new tab) own store still features refurbished models, starting from $749.
  • Amazon (opens in new tab) only has 12 units left for $999 each as of 4PM on July 21, and they're going fast.
  • BestBuy (opens in new tab) still offers the White MacBook for $939 plus tax and shipping.
  • MacMall carries the White MacBook for $937.92.
  • Newegg (opens in new tab) offers the best deal yet, offering the White MacBook (with 1GB less RAM) for $489.99.