Wello iPhone Case Checks Your Vital Signs in Seconds

Samsung's Galaxy S5 may be getting all of the attention for its built-in heart rate monitor, but a new iPhone case may have just one-upped the Korean company's flagship phone. Like the Galaxy S5, the $199 Wello by Azoi features a heart rate monitor, but unlike Samsung's handset, Azoi's case can also check your blood pressure, blood oxygen level, temperature and even perform an electrocardiograph. Better still, the case measures roughly the same size as Apple's own iPhone protector.

The case captures all of the aforementioned information via four sensors, two on the back and two more along its left edge. An included spirometer attachment also lets you check your lung capacity and air flow. Once collected, the data is displayed via Wello's included app, which outputs your vital signs in one easy to read layout. What's more, Azoi says the app can integrate with your existing fitness tracker, so you can see all of your most important health stats in one location.

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According to Azoi, Wello's monitors offer medical-grade accuracy, meaning they can measure your vitals about as well as anything in your local doctor's office. The company, however, is still seeking FDA approval for the case, so if you're ordering it from within the U.S., you'll have to wait until Azoi gets the go-ahead from the feds to get your hands on one.

Though the device is only available for the iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s, Azoi says the case's Bluetooth LE connectivity means it's compatible with all Android devices running KitKat and later. And while it obviously won't fit anything but an iPhone, the company is already planning a version of Wello for Android handsets.

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