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Verizon Wireless Unveils Private App Store for Business

To stay on top of the "bring your own device to work" trend, Verizon Wireless has announced a service to streamline the work-from-home experience for employees working on their smartphones and tablets, and to keep them secure in the process.

At this week's CTIA Enterprise & Applications conference in San Diego, Verizon unveiled the Private Applications Store for Business, a service that lets a business' IT staff push out a select and secure group of apps to employees' smartphones and tablets. A self-contained portal through which handpicked apps — both in-house and third-party apps — can be approved and controlled, the private apps store allows businesses to deliver apps tailor made for each employees' specific needs.

For example, if a company's human resources team wants to give employees a health and lifestyle app, and the accounting team has an expense management app it wants its employees to use, Verizon's private apps store becomes that company's storefront, a kind of one-stop-shop where workers can maximize their efficiency by accessing apps the company specifically made available to them.

With the private apps store also comes the assurance that an employee isn't compromising company information while conducting business on a personal smartphone.

"We're basically creating a bubble of vetted and approved apps," Tom Angelucci, product manager for Verizon's Private Applications Store for Business told SecurityNewsDaily. "Now employees don't have to wander to other app stores to download apps that haven't been sanctioned by their business. This is a true enterprise solution."

The Private Applications Store for Business was announced in conjunction with Verizon's Mobile Unified Communications Client, an app that enables employees to make and receive work calls on their personal Android device. The private apps store can be accessed on personal or corporate smartphone and tablets, and within or outside a company's firewall.

The Private Applications Store will be available on per month subscription basis in the next few weeks, Angelucci told SecurityNewsDaily. The service will be available for multiple mobile operating systems, including BlackBerry, Apple iOS and Android.