iPad Keyboard Showdown

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The virtual keyboard on the iPad is definitely good, but nothing feels quite as nice as clickety-clacking away on a physical keyboard. According to Lenovo and Qualcomm, 71 percent of small businesses surveyed said they are using tablets at work as an additional device, not a replacement for their PCs. But with the right case, complete with a physical QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard, that fact might be about to change.

Many accessory manufacturers are ready to step in with external keyboards, but which one offers the best combination of price, portability, protection, and tactile feedback? That’s where we come in. Read on to find out which one is worth your investment.

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  • Michael A. Prospero, LAPTOP Reviews Editor Says:

    jsh1120 - This was a roundup of keyboard cases, not simply wireless keyboards.

  • jsh1120 Says:

    Unfortunately, I believe you failed to evaluate several of the best iPad keyboard candidates. Each of the products you reviewed are combo iPad/keyboard cases where the size of the keyboard is limited to the width of the iPad (in portrait mode.) For those accustomed to a full-size keyboard, especially those who shift back and forth on a regular basis, the cramped keyboards you've reviewed are simply not very satisfactory.

    Far better choices, imo, are the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the Microsoft 5000 bluetooth portable keyboard (identical to the 6000 model), and the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad. Each is a nearly full-size keyboard and sufficiently portable to be used with the iPad and carried in a small messenger bag.

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