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Tobii Gaze Eye-Controlled Interface on Windows 8 to be Demoed at CES

Tobii's eye-tracking technology has already made its way onto a Lenovo laptop, and now it's finding a home on Windows 8. At CES, the Swedish company will showcase its Tobii Gaze interface on Microsoft's tile-based Windows 8 Metro UI.

The Tobii Gaze interface eliminates the need for users to touch a laptop's display to navigate the interface, a process which Tobii says is not as intuitive on a notebook as it is on a tablet. Instead, thanks to a combination of eye-tracking and a touchpad, Tobii Gaze lets your eyes perform the same commands you would with your hands.

Though looking at an item on-screen effectively points to it, a touchpad is also there to enable Windows 8's touch gestures (including zoom, select, and scroll) and to fine-tune when Tobii Gaze doesn't register a command. Check out the video demo below—it certainly whetted our appetite for seeing more in Las Vegas.