The 12 Best Gadgets You Didn't Buy

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Somewhere in an alternate universe, the Earth 2 version of me is typing this article on a brand new Commodore Amiga sipping from a can of Crystal Pepsi when his Palm Pre 4 buzzes with a new CU-SeeMe video call. Unfortunately, in this universe, the best products don’t always win.

My infant son is going to grow up in the same world where cruel consumers chose VHS over Betamax and Blu-ray over HD-DVD. He’ll never know the joy of backing up his files to an Iomega Jaz drive or an Avatar Shark 250, because when most of you voted with your wallets, you voted for the wrong candidates.

To finally give some credit where it’s long overdue, here's the 12 most-terrific technologies you didn’t buy. Thanks a lot everyone, you’ve ruined it for . . . everyone.

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Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director
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  • TheLyniezian Says:

    One that won't be too familiar to Westpondians is hte Acorn Archimedes (and later Risc PC) running RISC OS. Much like the Amiga, an early 32-bit system with multitaksing abilities and so on which was way ahead of its time. They also run on ARM processors whose descendants now power a lot of mobile devices today.

  • Aaron Says:

    But I DID buy many of those! I had an Amiga 2000. I had a Sega DreamCast (which died because its copy protection wasn't robust; it had little to do with the PS2). I used BeOS and loved it. Don't blame me! :)

  • Alan Says:

    Like some others here I have a Viliv S5, N5, and also an S7. These are great UMPCs that I use every day. It's too bad that Viliv went under because they were really on the right track. The N5 affords me a full Windows 7 device with a keyboard, SD slot, USB, hours of use on battery power, and slips easily into a pocket. My S5 has 3G, 128GB SSD, GPS and all day battery. Awesome stuff. Also have a couple of Raon Digital Everuns and an OQO. All are/were unique devices but price doomed UMPCs to the beta/laserdisk/DAT club. Even in the age of the iPad I get "wow that's cool" responses.

  • riffraff Says:

    Amigas were special. I miss that era of computing.

  • Wally Says:

    I miss my palm pre! Two android phones and one iphone 4s have not been good enough to make me forget my web OS wonder...

  • rico Says:

    lol i did buy most of those things. I have viliv n5 (and s5), beos 4 retail box, kyocera echo, atrix with lapdock, and a dreamcast with network adapter and keyboard. My dad has a palm pre he got from working at HP, and he used to have the jornada and omnibook.

  • Jason Says:

    Oh man, if my contract would not end in 2013, The Kyrocera Echo would be mine! Maybe im the reason it stopped selling. :O

  • Hairy Says:

    Well, that inspires me to watch a marathon of "Back To The Future" films on my Pioneer Laserdisc Player. :-)

  • Andrew Says:

    Oh UMPC, how I miss you. I still remember a few years back how everyone tried to take a good glance at my awesome Vilive S5 UMPC at Starbucks, while they were stuck with using their netbooks.

  • sidharth sen Says:

    But this particular piece of tech ( Lapdock) has inspired the next gen of tablet + keyboard = netbook combo ... the Asus transformer line up, the new upcoming windows 8 tabs with docks ..

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