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Targus iNotebook Hands-On: Instant Note-Syncing to iPad with Bluetooth Pen (Video)

LAS VEGAS -- Targus is about to make getting your notes and drawings to your tablet a lot easier. The company gave us a sneak peak at its just-announced iNotebook, an all-inclusive case that features a Bluetooth-enabled pen and a Bluetooth sensor that instantly transfer your writing to the iPad when both devices are paired. And good news: You don't need any special paper for the syncing to work.

The model we saw today at CES is significantly bulkier than the model Targus will bring to market (which should be around August, according to the company). In addition to the pen and sensor, the product will include a stand for your iPad--along with a button for quickly uploading your notes to iCloud. Targus estimates a price point of $149. Based on our preview, color us intrigued. Take a look for yourself in our video below.