Take $100 Off Google's Pixelbook Laptop

Google's Pixelbook is a different breed of Chromebook. Sexy, speedy, and remarkably thin, the rarely discounted laptop offers the type of performance you won't find on any other Chromebook.

For a limited time, Amazon is taking $100 off the premium laptop, lowering its price to $899. This base model includes a 12.3-inch 2400 x 1600 touchscreen LCD, 1.2-GHz Core i5-7Y57 processor, and a 128GB SSD.

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The Pixelbook is one of the few Chromebooks that supports the Google Play Store, which means you can finally get premium apps on your laptop.

Performance-wise, the Pixelbook is one of the few Chromebooks that actually stands up to its Windows and iOS-based counterparts. It scored a 7,927 on Geekbench 4's overall performance test, which beats the 6,823 ultraportable average. In real world tests, the 2.4-lb. laptop successfully balanced a 1080p YouTube video, a dozen open browser tabs, Slack, Twitter, and Outlook simultaneously without so much as a stutter.

Its battery, however, tops out after 7 hours and 43 minutes, which is shorter than the 8:34 category average. So you'll need to pack the laptop's charger for those times you're on  the road.

If you prefer more storage, the 256GB SSD Pixelbook is also on sale at $1,099, whereas the 512GB SSD Pixebook is priced at $1,549. Both are $100 off their normal price.